Digital Humanities: Sharing Digital Resources for Teaching and Research

Published on May 20th, 2020

Wednesday, May 20, 2-3:30 p.m.

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This session, conducted via Zoom, is the first in a series of Digital Humanities workshops to be facilitated by the University of Montana’s Humanities Institute. To launch the series, Lisa Parks, MIT Professor of Comparative Media Studies and MacArthur Fellow, will facilitate this participation-based workshop focused on digital resources useful for teaching and research in the humanities. The workshop will be structured as a conversation. All participants should come prepared to share and discuss at least one digital resource that has been useful for teaching, and another that has been useful for research. While sharing and exploring resources such as archives, video streaming sites, digitized maps and geospatial images, data visualization interfaces, and online music and poetry, the group will also discuss broader issues related to the digital humanities. Participants will be asked to brainstorm topics and issues for the next workshop in the series. The workshop series is co-organized by Gillian Glaes, Director, UM Humanities Institute, Lisa Parks, and Amy Kinch, Director, OOLD. Please contact Gillian Glaes ( with questions.