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GMTaC blog posts are written by student and faculty lab affiliates and explore various topics related to research projects, events, and workshops.

Thinking Beyond “The User” in Technology Design

Blog post by Kelly Wagman, CMS Graduate Student, Research Assistant, GMTaC Lab Studio Various & Gould, 2015, Creative Commons Attribution ‘Human’ is too rich, too diverse, and too complex a category to bear a universal solution. – Shaowen Bardzell If you’ve worked at a tech company you have almost certainly […]

AI For Good Summit –– Geneva, Switzerland

A blog post by Graduate Research Assistant Iago Bojczuk. My first year of graduate school at MIT came to an end with my participation at the 3rd edition of the “AI For Good Summit” in Europe. Organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)––the United Nations specialized agency for information and […]

Google and the World Brain: A Documentary Film Analysis

A blog post by Graduate Research Assistant Iago Bojczuk. Upon arriving in the Comparative Media Studies department at MIT, it did not take much time to realize how much students are encouraged to think about communication and media practices across historical periods, cultural settings, and methods in order to assess […]

Journalist Patrícia Campos Mello on WhatsApp and the 2018 Brazil Elections

A blog post by Visiting Graduate Student Gabriel Pereira and Research Assistant Iago Bojczuk. Last year, in our blog post “Zap Zap, Who’s There? WhatsApp and the Spread of Fake News During the 2018 Elections in Brazil,” we discussed how WhatsApp messaging was influencing the Brazilian elections amidst reports of […]

Solar Solutions in Rural Tanzania

A blog post by Graduate Research Assistant Han Su. Imagine meeting someone from rural Tanzania — what could you have in common? One answer could be use of Facebook. But in a country where only 40% of people have access to grid electricity,1 how do users charge their mobile phones, […]

The Kariakoo Market: Mobile Phone Repair Workers and the Shrinking Planet

A blog post by Graduate Research Assistant Iago Bojczuk. On the second day of the Social IT Solutions Workshop (SITS) at the Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT), GMTaC lab members Han Su, Rachel Thompson, Prof. Lisa Parks, and I had the chance to visit the Kariakoo market. This […]

#Migrant: Social Media’s Influence on Migration

A blog post by Graduate Research Assistant Matt Graydon. In 2015, over one million migrants and asylum seekers entered Europe by land and sea, a fourfold increase from the previous year.1 These individuals, seeking protection from violence in their homelands, better economic opportunities, or a combination of both, arrived in […]

Outside of the HyperBlock, Inc. Bitcoin Facility in Bonner, Montana (Photo: Lisa Parks)

Sounds of a Bitcoin Data Center in Montana

A blog post by GMTaC Director Lisa Parks. In late December 2018, I visited the site of a bitcoin data center in the small town of Bonner, Montana, twelve miles east of Missoula, where I grew up. Installed by a group called Project Spokane in April 2017 this facility, now […]