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GMTaC blog posts are written by student and faculty lab affiliates and explore various topics related to research projects, events, and workshops.

#Migrant: Social Media’s Influence on Migration

A blog post by Graduate Research Assistant Matt Graydon. In 2015, over one million migrants and asylum seekers entered Europe by land and sea, a fourfold increase from the previous year.1 These individuals, seeking protection from violence in their homelands, better economic opportunities, or a combination of both, arrived in […]

Outside of the HyperBlock, Inc. Bitcoin Facility in Bonner, Montana (Photo: Lisa Parks)

Sounds of a Bitcoin Data Center in Montana

A blog post by GMTaC Director Lisa Parks. In late December 2018, I visited the site of a bitcoin data center in the small town of Bonner, Montana, twelve miles east of Missoula, where I grew up. Installed by a group called Project Spokane in April 2017 this facility, now […]

Demystifying Mapping: GMTaC’s GIS/Lidar Workshop

A blog post by Research Assistant Rachel Thompson ’19.  Self-driving cars, home insurance rates, drone surveillance, and water resources management might seem like disparate areas, but the truth is that if it can be mapped, chances are it requires GIS, lidar, or both. GIS, standing for Geographical Information System, and […]

Lessons from the “Moving the Future” Conference

A blog post by GMTaC Affiliate Graduate Student Alan Zhang. Moving the Future is a conference at Harvard Business School hosted jointly by the Aerospace and Aviation Club and Transportation, Infrastructure, and Logistics Club. I attended panel discussions and keynotes led by industry executives, and came away feeling a both […]

An Overlooked Need: Mental Health Care in Post-Disaster Situations

A blog post by Kari Stromhaug. It seems like we hear about a new disaster every few weeks — or even every few days. There are always campaigns popping up on Facebook encouraging donations for the latest disaster. And in the repeated news coverage, social media posts, and conversation, it […]

Chinese Koi Fish Goes Overseas

Koi, the colored carp(锦鲤 Jinli), has long been held as a symbol of good fortune in the Chinese culture. As told in a fairly well-known folk tale, koi in the Yellow River would swim against the tide towards the dragon-gate mountain, and those who can leap over the dragon-gate will […]

Visualizing Space at the 2018 AGI Expo

A blog post by GMTaC Affiliate Graduate Student Alan Zhang. A tremendous amount of human activity plays out in space. Commercial, military, and non-governmental organizations operate projects across various orbits around our planet. However, as space is out of view for most people, the public imagination of space missions and […]