Published on January 18th, 2017

The Global Media Technologies and Cultures Lab (GMTaC)

We explore how the ownership, location, and use of media and information technologies impacts diverse communities.

GMTaC is a new space for collaborative research that explores the use of media technologies (satellites, television, the internet, social media, and mobile phones) in diverse international contexts. Our projects link media usage to issues of geopolitics, surveillance, the environment, social justice, and art. Researchers in our lab use fieldwork, ethnography, community engagement, creative research, and critical analysis to investigate the usage of media technologies in urban and rural settings in different parts of the world.

We believe there is much to learn about media technologies beyond the centers of industrial and political power, and are particularly interested in working with marginalized, underserved, and vulnerable communities. We often share our findings with computer scientists or designers so that next generation technologies can be more socially-informed and serve a broader array of public interests.