Peer-Reviewed Publications

Published on April 28th, 2020

Recent peer-reviewed publications co-authored by graduate student researchers in the GMTaC Lab and beyond:

2020     L. Parks & R. Thompson, “The Slow Shutdown: Information and Internet Regulation in Tanzania from 2010-2018 and Impacts Upon Online Content Creators,” International Journal of Communication, accepted for publication and forthcoming. 

2020     G. Pereira, I. Bojzcuk, & L. Parks, “WhatsApp in Brazil: A critical analysis of user and news media disruption discourses on a platform-turned-infrastructure,” Global Media and Communication, accepted for publication and forthcoming.

2019     M. Graydon & L. Parks, “‘Connecting the Unconnected’: A Critical Assessment of US Satellite Internet Services,” Media, Culture & Society, 42(2), 260-276,

2018     M. Nekrasov, D. Iland, M. Metzger, L. Parks, E. Belding, “A user-driven free speech application for anonymous and verified, online public group discourse,” Journal of Internet Services and Applications, 9(21):

2017     L. Parks, H. Goodwin & L. Han, “‘I have the government in my pocket’: Social Media Users in Turkey, Transmit-Trap Dynamics and Struggles over Internet Freedom,” Communication, Culture & Critique, 10(4), Dec 2017, 574-592.

2017     M. Nekrasov,L. Parks & E. Belding. “Limits to Internet Freedoms: Being Heard in an Increasingly Authoritarian World.” In Proceedings of ACM Limits (ACMLIMITS’17), June 2017, Santa Barbara, CA.  

2017     L. Parks & R. Mukherjee. “From Platform Jumping to Self-Censorship: Circumvention Practices and ‘Internet Freedom’ in Zambia,” Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, 14(3), 221-237. 

2017     L. Parks, L. Palmer and D. Grinberg, “Media Fieldwork: Critical Reflections on Collaborative ICT Research in Rural Zambia,” in Applied Media Studies, Kirsten Ostherr, ed., London: Routledge, 2017, 97-116.